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Located in the center of Hue, a world Cultural Heritage City, Hue Heritage Hotel is a beautiful, luxurious and harmonious architectural works with Euro half-classical style. 
Hue Heritage Hotel was built on the famous Ly Thuong Kiet street all along with elegant, luxurious villas, adjoining the six-way crossroads, and leading away to a main axis of city’s street named Hanoi and National Highway Number One.
The Hottel is also located on the south bank of Huong river, a nearby poetic, mild downstream with the fammous names of Trang Tien Bridge, Dong Ba Market, neighbouring to The Central Post Office and the Bank as well
13kms away from Phu Bai Airport, and just 2 kms from Hue Railway Station the Hotel is not so far from historial relics, Royal Tombs of Nguyen Dynasty and other comfortable visitors’ services of Hue City.
In the near future, the present Hue Heritage Hotel will be linked to a new crowed chained places of Shopping Mall, Five-star Hotel, eating points, walking area and officce buildings…..
Staying in Hue Heritage Hotel, visitors will be thoroughly and whole-heartedly served with excellent accommodations of an international 3-star hotel (classified by Vietnam Tourism Administration according to the decision number 293/QD TCDL on 30/6/2004)
The Hotel Complex is containing of a main 6-storey 59-guest room facility on a layout ground of 3,600m2, a part of which is the garden area with 1,000m2 and an extra of 9 old rooms in French-colonial and elegant villas. Especially and inclusively there are 4 Suite garden view high-class rooms (with large 60 m2 per each), and equipped with CD Radio massage steam bath and amenities for the leisure relaxation of esteemed guests.
All guest rooms are airy and well furnished with pared plank. Doors and wooden funitures were made from the so-called "Huong" a preciously rare kind of local wood harmoniously designed with color and quality of other equipments to create a empressively beautiful space for any staying guests.
The Hotel’s interiors are modern and 100% brand-new with Nikko water bath basins, Apollo water heaters, Carrier air-conditioners, Deawoo refrigerators, Panasonic Telephone system, cable multi-channel television. ...All designed lightings only made from woods and hamoniously arranged from corridors to the guests’ rooms will bring about the profound feelings of ancient Hue style
The Hotel Management is also much concerned of the gastronomic service by choosing a crew of qualified and enthusiastic, experienced chefs who can skillfully cook the menu and elegantly decorate the displayed dishes. Hotel’s Kitchen with modern equipments, will always ensure the quality of hygiene, meet all guests’ requirements and even of big banquets. A great number of traditional Hue specialties - either luxurious dishes of the ancient Royal or modest ones of the local uptown are offered to the gourmets as the major menu. Besides, at the choices of visitors, there are special menus prepared from local specific materials or daily changed various breakfast sets, buffet sets created on the chosen mixed basis of European, Asian, Hue or Vietnamese nation-wide tastes. The medium-size clean and airy restaurant being able to serve up to 300 people, with some private dining well-equipped dining rooms but still can cherish the specific features of Hue living style.
By the warm-hearted and professionally skilled staff, Hue Heritage Hotel and her Management always hope to offer guests many delicious meals in all events such as wedding, engagement ceremonies, Tet festival,
In order to create a bigger choices of services, meeting a higher and higher demand of visitors, the Hotel Management can also provide a 200-seat meeting room, modernly equipped, and most comfortable for conference, workshop, Royal Feast and Traditional music in the Royal Court.
The Hotel's automatic fire detecting and extinguishment system is considered as the most modern one in Hue at the moment.
It is an impressive point about the Hotel that visitors can not only make use of the beautiful open-aired Swimming Pool on the 5th floor of the Hotel and the pool-side gymnasium and mini-bar where they can swim, relax but still can enjoy seeing the Panorama of the city or the best view of the Huong River and Ngu Binh Mountains, as well
The fact that after staying in Hue Heritage Hotel, visitors can never forget the airy Hotel’s garden with water-fountain, verdure, neat grass and green trees uniquely designed, harmoniously arranged, but then still will enrich the charm of a project influenced by Asian architectural style and situated at the heart of a poetically romantic Hue.
The Hotel's skilled, enthusiastic and warm-hearted staff, most of who have professionally graduated from Tourism colleges is always pleased to serve the coming visitors.
Welcome to Hue Heritage Hotel - the most ideal place for your staying!
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